Professional Services


Site Plan

Site Planning

Develop concept schemes for outlot buildings, new shopping center developments and second generation redevelopments.


Space Planning

Create preliminary layouts for interior commercial spaces based on initial program requirements provided by the Client.


Design Development

Prepare preliminary plans and building elevations to document the proposed architectural features, materials and colors for the Client’s approval. Participate in the Entitlement Phase to apply for municipal approval of the proposed Project by preparing presentation-type drawings, assisting the Client with completing the necessary filing Applications, and, attending formal municipal hearings.

Construction Documents

Collaborate with D.Z.A.’s and the Client’s Consultants in order to prepare multi-disciplinary documents for bid, permit and construction of the Project. The Construction Documents shall illustrate and describe the further development of the approved Design Development Drawings. Assist the Client with issuing bid documents to prospective bidders.

Construction Administration

Review shop drawings, respond to RFI’s, review payment applications and perform site visits during the course of construction. Conduct a walk-through of the Project to determine Substantial Completion, prepare a punch-list to document items that require completion/correction, and, assist the Client with securing Project Closeout documents from the Contractor.


Perform site visits to review features and conditions of existing commercial buildings, meet with local authorities to develop a general understanding of the process for securing municipal approvals for redevelopment, prepare a report to document the results of the site visit and meeting, and, provide preliminary suggestions/recommendations for re-purposing the existing building.


Assist Clients with performing minimally destructive analysis of existing buildings, and prepare reports that include summary opinions for water infiltration issues, thermal barrier and envelope failures, perimeter wall deterioration and vehicular impact analysis.