Advance Auto Parts South Elgin and Villa Park, IL

General Information

The Advance Auto Parts projects were developed as build-to-suit projects for occupancy by Advance Auto Parts. The South Elgin, Illinois project is located at the southeast corner of McLean Boulevard and Kane Street and the Villa Park, Illinois project is located on Addison Road, north of North Avenue.

Project Narrative

Services provided by D.Z.A. for both projects included site planning, preparing drawings for construction of shell building work and interior build-out improvements, and, providing construction administration services for two 7,000 S.F. free-standing buildings. The building exterior for the Villa Park project was designed per prototype drawings provided by Advance Auto Parts that included split-face concrete block and prefinished ribbed metal panels. The exterior design requirements for the South Elgin project were more restrictive with respect to building materials. The design for this project included EIFS and Quik Brik as the primary building material. This type of masonry is an integrally colored concrete unit that gives the appearance of a brick unit as a single wythe wall.

D.Z.A. also provided site planning services for other proposed Advance Auto Parts sites in the Chicago area.